Consumers not really buying into Blu-ray

Ah, who could forget the format wars between Blu-ray and HD DVD? The battle was staged primarily in the videogaming world, with Blu-ray eventually being able to kick the threat of HD DVD to the curb and emerge as the victor, leaving Sony and the format a clear path to the money pit. Or so it appeared.

A new US survey conducted by research firm ABI shows that not to many consumers outside of people that are buying PS3’s are really that into Blu-ray. Out of the 1000 people polled, 23 said they were thinking of investing in Blu-ray, with half of those questioned claiming they were simply not interested in the technology.

ABI principal analyst Steve Wilson offered this insight: “Consumers were happy to embrace standard DVD when that format arrived because the improvement in quality over VHS videotapes was dramatic. Standard DVD didn’t require the purchase of a new TV either. In contrast, while half of the respondents to our survey rated Blu-ray’s quality as ‘much better’ than standard DVD, another 40% termed it only ‘somewhat better,’ and most are very satisfied with the performance of their current DVD players.”

Things aren’t that dire for Sony as ABI also pointed out that the PS3 was helping Blu-ray to achieve high adoption rates, and that the system could help to lower costs in the future as the technology becomes more available to the mass market.