Luc Bernard quits gaming, just can’t take the pressure


You may have seen the quirky looking game Eternity’s Child or, if you’re unlucky, actually played it. The first chapter of the downloadable game was reported to be glitchy, poorly designed and damn near impossible. In fact, the only thing it had going for it was the art style, which somehow seemed to fall flat too. But the game’s designer Luc Bernard doesn’t want to hear about it and the only way to really avoid the shouts of disappointment from the Internet is to run away from them. So he is. On his personal blog, Bernard has announced that he will be leaving gaming after Eternity’s Child is over and done with. He’ll still be supporting the game’s release, but after that he won’t be trying to produce anymore games, despite having many ideas for them.

In his post, Bernard offers up a plethora of reasons for leaving that mostly amount to wondering why people gotta be so mean all the time. I’m not sure what “people” he’s talking about (actually, I’m pretty sure we all know, but let’s not point fingers), but he seems to have been scarred pretty deeply. This is especially apparent when he states, “I thought the videogame industry was different, but no it’s actually harder and worse than any other one, I still wonder why people hate Dennis Dylack [sic] for no reason and Uwe Boll, I don’t think if people realize the psychological things it can do to people.” You’ve got to have had it rough at some point to come down on the side of Uwe Boll. So does anyone…uhhh…care?