Meet the new real-life Lara

Eidos have unveiled the next Lara Croft model who will be tasked with the difficult objective of being flown around the globe to please fans, perform stunts and look good while doing it. All in order to promote the Tomb Raider franchise.

Alison Carroll, a 23-year-old former gymnast and golf club receptionist until a week ago, was picked from over a hundred hopeful to play the real-life version of one of the hottest heroines out there. Like the previous Croft models, Carroll has to go through a crash course in archaeology as well as some SAS (British special forces) training to learn how to handle a weapon before she can truly play the part, and is currently training six days a week to reach the point where she can be sent off to adventure in front of the many cameras the urban wilderness beholds.

The first game the new Ms.Croft will be promoting is of course Tomb Raider Underworld, set for a late November release on PC, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii and the DS. Check out our E3 eyes-on here and hi-res photos of Carroll as Croft here.