Miyamoto no longer allowed to chat about his hobbies

Rarely does the life of one individual reflect so clearly upon a company that just chatting to that person might give a clue to that company’s future plans. However, such is the case with Nintendo and their main-man Shigeru Miyamoto. Still, it might come as a shock to some that Nintendo has actually banned Miyamoto-san from chatting with anyone publicly about his hobbies.

That might seem strang to some, but if you take a long, hard look at the big N’s major hits, many share a certain trait. Namely, they releate to Miyamoto’s hobbies from in the past. WiiFit was a brainchild born of his daily excersize routine, Pikmin owes its existance to Miyamoto’s love of gardening, and his interest in maintaining his memory was an obvious influence of Brain Age. Given that fact, it’s easy to see why competitors would love to hear what Nintendo’s backbone has been up to in his freetime, and as such, completely reasonable for Nintendo to want to put a muzzle on him.