Diablo classes no longer gender-based

One of the staples of the Diablo series was the fact that the character class you wanted to be directly influenced which gender you were. For example, in Diablo II, if you want to play as an Amazon or Sorceress, you must be a female. On the other hand, if you choose a Necromancer, Paladin or Barbarian, you’re forced into the role of a man. However, in today’s more open-minded society, Blizzard has decided to let players be whatever gender they want in Diablo III, regardless of class. In an interview with MTV Multiplayer, lead designer Jay Wilson said, “For me it was always a no-brainer to have gender choice…It’s obviously a really important choice that we want people to be able to make on their own.”

It would have been merely nice of Blizzard to do this if it hadn’t affected them, but when you realize that it’s going to cost them more money to give us these options it really is outstanding. Since every class has two possible genders, Blizzard has to spend that much more time and resources creating extra character models. “It’s pretty expensive for us art-wise because of the way we do our classes and the way we do a lot of the weaponry we create.” Between this and changing the art style, Blizzard is really sticking their neck out to do things they believe they should be done in Diablo III, and the team must be commended for that.