Hot or Not? Gyllenhaal debuts as the Prince of Persia

When we first heard that our second favorite Brokeback heart-throb would be taking the reigns of the Prince of Persia film, we were slightly perplexed. Sure, Jake Gyllenhaal is certainly attractive, but did he really have what it takes to throw himself into the role of a gaming icon?

It would appear he does, as the first photos of our new Prince have made thier way to the interwebs. It’s apparent that Jake has been hitting the gym, as he is clearly alot, um, bigger than he has appeared in the past. He’s grown his hair out and definitely has the princely scowl down pat. If nothing else, the pictures have given us hope that the Prince of Persia feature will end up being something worth watching. Just don’t let us down Jake, I don’t think we can handle another Bloodrayne