Bond developer comes down on Bourne


It’s hard not to be a fan of Jason Bourne. Even a massive Bond fanatic such as myself has to attribute some of the success of Bond’s rebirth to the influences in action cinema that the Bourne franchise brought around. However, in the realm of gaming I’m hoping Bond steers pretty far away from being influenced by the Bourne game. It just wasn’t that good and yet, as spy games go, it seems to be a pretty prominent one so one would have to believe that the guys over at Treyarch are looking at it when making the Quantum of Solace game.

Luckily they’re of much the same opinion as me. In a recent interview Quantum of Solace producer Garrett Young said that the team had looked at the Bourne game and found themselves being “not super impressed with the game”. He does cite the fact that it must have been tough not being able to work with the character from the film, but still, harsh. Good news for the Bond game though, right?