Burnout Paradise coming to PlayStation Network


Burnout Paradise is coming to the PlayStation Network this Fall at a price of $29.99. The entire retail game will be available for download, along with any and all updates that have come out or will be coming out. I emphasize entire and retail above because this is a game that most would expect to see being shipped out to stores solely and the only downloadable version would be a demo for it. However, Criterion has clearly jumped onto the whole downloadable distribution ship and sees absolutely no problem with releasing retail  games via digital distribution.

Is this the first step that physical copies of games are waving goodbye? Sure, Burnout Paradise came out a while ago in a physical form, but this step shows that A list games can easily be released without a disc and have all the same information and quality, something most of us already knew but won’t to admit since we love plastic boxes. This digital release is also accompanied by Criterion’s unprecedented amount of free downloadable content for the game, ranging from new challenges to the soon to be released motorcycles. Of course, one of the downloads for the game will give it full trophy support too. So we’ll be getting a highly rated, fun to play, robust and constantly updated gaming experience and we’ll never have to leave the house? Sign me up.