EA partners with Grasshopper Studios and Epic


You know, we here at TVGB have said some bad things about EA in our time. Words that sum up to calling them a soulless corporate entity that doesn’t care about innovation or art but simply making more money. Some of that might still be true but in the past year, especially at E3, they have blown us away with innovative titles and brand new IPs. Still, it is a bit of a surprise that today EA has announced a partnership with Grasshopper Studios, the company that brought us No More Heroes and Killer 7 and is run by the oddly named Suda51. I mean there is innovation and then there’s left field, and that is firmly where Grasshopper Studios is. Even so, they make amazing games and EA seems to know this.

EA will be publishing an all new action-horror game coming out for the PC, 360 and Wii, and produced by Shinji Mikami with Suda51 himself directing. Suda is already working on the new Fatal Frame for the Wii so he’s got some horror in his roots and I won’t be the first to say that most of his games are a bit creepy no matter what genre they’re in. Suda51 has been talking about bringing a game to the 360 since No More Heroes launched and this seems to be it, thankfully he’s not deserting Nintendo’s console either. No release date or other information has been released on the game as it appears to be in the very, very early stages of creation, but just the idea of Suda51 having the backing of EA is making my mouth water with possibilities.

The good news for EA doesn’t stop there either. In a one-two punch of partnership awesomeness, EA has also made a publishing deal with Epic Games to produce an upcoming all-new action title for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The new IP is currently in development by Epic’s People Can Fly studio in Poland. I’d say that Epic’s action game credentials are in pretty good order at the moment so I don’t have my doubts that they’ll be making a bad ass game too.

EA, you are slowly winning our hearts back. Now let someone else make NFL games again and we might even let you hold our hands.