First week sales of Braid warrant new game from Jonathan Blow

We learned a few days ago that Braid creator Jonathan Blow isn’t going to make a sequel to the game, regardless of game sales, and how he might possibly not have the resources (read: money) to make developing another game worth his while. Now, over at Braid’s official site, Blow has made a blog post about how good the response has been, and that the game has already sold an estimated 55,000 units. In response to the sales he says, “… it looks like I will be able to make the next game, without needing to get a job that would interfere with that. (The estimated sales so far of 55,000 are not enough for this, but extrapolating into the future, the situation looks safe). Thank you, once again, for making that possible.”

Blow doesn’t mention exactly what his next game will be, but surely it will be something as brilliant as Braid.