Heavy update enforces fisticuffs

Usually, a Team Fortress 2 update adds weapons and achievements to one select character, but Valve is taking it a bit further this time around and is making the Heavy update just that. In addition to new toys and achievements for the Heavy, a number of new maps will be released as well, the first of which is called CP_Steel (pictured).

The CP_Steel map is for the Attack/Defend gameplay mode with one distinct feature — whenever a control point is captured, different routes will open and close for each team, adding to the importance of team work when on the attacking side.

Alongside the new maps come new weapons and achievements, one of those being the K.G.B. boxing gloves. If the player manages to score a kill with the K.G.B., the Heavy will dish out critical hits for five seconds. The more people killed by the K.G.B. the longer the critical timer will last. The Heavy can also switch to another weapon to inflict critical damage on enemies farther away.

The update, to be released on August 19, also brings a new special edition “Meet the Team” video. As for all the other details, Valve has decided to be a tease and will be releasing all the information little by little in the coming days here.