Capcom considering certain PS3/360 titles for Wii

Chances are if you are a gamer and own only a Wii for your current-gen gaming purposes, you’ve been missing out on some of the multiplatform goodness that have made its way over to the competition. Capcom, which has been on top of its game this gen with support for all systems, could be looking to remedy that situation.

Over at the company’s forums, Capcom’s Chris Svensson responded directly to a member who posted a message about how the company was giving Wii owners ‘the shaft’ by not bringing some of its AAA games to the system. The poster specifically listed Resident Evil 5, Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet, Flock, Age of Booty, Street Fighter 4, Devil May Cry and Dark Void. Svensson directly replied to the poster saying, “We are contemplating versions of one or two of the CEI titles you’ve mentioned on the Wii (not saying which), but we’d like to see how they do on their initial target systems before doubling down on additional SKUs.”

This is of course far from an announcement that the games are actually in the works but hey, at least there’s hope.