NPD reinforces claim that third-party titles do in fact sell well on Wii

Nintendo tried to put a stop to the supposition that third-party titles weren’t selling on the Wii recently by putting out a graph that showed that the sales for third-party titles on the Wii were actually selling better as of late than their competitors.

Microsoft, Sony, and a couple of fortune tellers analysts got involved and tried to take a little bit out of the air of Ninty’s sales, saying that Nintendo’s information, along with the chart they released to the public, showed data from the first 19 months of all the systems’ releases.

In keeping up with the back and forth, the Big N released an updated chart which still showed that third-party games were selling well on the Wii.

The NPD Group has now gotten involved, backing up Nintendo’s claim. For the US at least.

Michael Pachter decided to jump in as well and injected his thoughts on the matter by responding to a GameDaily article covering the matter: “Year-to-date (which I think is more relevant than lifetime), third parties have sold 13.4 million units of software for the Wii and 16.5 million units for the 360. That’s NPD, and U.S. only. My guess is that the numbers are much closer to the same if we include Europe, and much higher for Wii if we go worldwide.”

The bottom line? Third-party titles do sell on the Wii.