Take a look at the Mega Man 9 bosses


If the retro stylings of Mega Man 9 haven’t made your heart beat faster and the classic opening for the game didn’t make you drool with flashbacks of hours in front of your NES, then you won’t want to be reading this post either. That’s because this post is all about how awesome the new retro bosses are for the game. Capcom has released some screens and info on a few of the new bosses. We get looks at Concrete Man, Magma Man and Tornado Man, and a bit of info on their weapons and their backgrounds.

For instance, did you know that Concrete Man was originally designed to create dams but now he uses his concrete shot to stop Mega Man in his tracks? Even more terrifying is Magma Man’s Magma Bazooka which shoots a spread of fireballs out and can even be charged once our blue hero picks it up. Finally, for this batch of bosses at least, Tornado Man, whose job it is to help the weather service change the weather, will deliver unto the blue bomber a weapon that launches a giant tornado that encompasses the entire screen.

The more I learn the better and better this game gets. I have no idea how they seem to have nailed the old fashioned feeling of Mega Man, but I’m sure glad they have.