LittleBigPlanet making itself heard in Leipzig


Games Convention is well on its way and the German city of Leipzig is preparing itself for when it eventually kicks off on the 21st of August. The biggest industry show on the continent, Games Convention has gained a greater amount of attention and press in the years since E3’s demise.

This year’s Games Convention is especially important for Sony because it is the company’s last chance to show off its would-be saving grace, Media Molecule’s patchwork-quilt platformer LittleBigPlanet, before the game’s release sometime in October.

Apparently not ones for subtlety, SCEE have made sure that LittleBigPlanet’s presence is felt at the event by plastering a giant ad up the side of a building in Leipzig. The giant display has been painted on the side of a block of flats located on the corner of Berliner Straße and Gerberstraße, just a few hundred metres from the main train station in Leipzig. A quick walk for those lucky enough to be at the event, not least because the game will also be playable.

This isn’t the only attempt Sony has made to reach out into the ambient space. Earlier in the week the company announced it would be scattering hundreds of “LittleBig-Billboards” across the united states.