Eye Candy Recap / August 18

Even though it both starts and ends with war, today’s gallery update brings us a little something from other types of games as well. Next to new shots from ArmA II and Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway, the galleries have been updated with the first images from the newly-announced Batman game from Eidos, Batman: Arkham Asylum, as well as more than a few handfuls of new Mega Man 9 screens that show off new weapons and a boss you’ll be able to use them on. And of course, new images of X-Blades’ thong-wearing, blade-wielding Ayumi are always welcome.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames5 new additions
5 new additions
Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway4 new additions
Batman: Arkham Asylum
16 new additions
Street Fighter IV4 new additions
Mega Man 921 new additions
Overlord II2 new additions
Overlord Dark Legend4 new additions
Swords & Soldiers3 new additions
Too Human7 new additions
X-Blades3 new additions
Celebrity Sports Showdown15 new additions
Velvet Assassin6 new additions