Spore goes gold

After many years of development, countless Game of the Show-type awards, big promises and even the release of a massive teaser in the form of Creature Creator, Spore has finally gone gold. Meaning your future copy of what may end up being the biggest time-waster of all time is being printed right now.

EA has set the release dates of September 5th for NA and the 7th for EU in stone and we’ll all finally get the chance to experience a frightening glimpse into the mind of Will Wright. The DS companion, Spore Creatures, as well as the mobile phone edition, Spore Origins, will be available right along side the main title. “We are so excited to finally get Spore into the hands of fans and players,” boasts executive producer Lucy Bradshaw. Considering the fact that the game has been in develpment since the year 2000, we can imagine why she’d be happy to get the Spore monkey off her back.