Tomb Raider: Underworld gameplay footage hits

Eidos has released a new Tomb Raider: Underworld trailer, all in-game footage this time. It’s nice to finally see some actual gameplay and witness our lightly dressed heroine doing what she does best again — that’s climbing old ruins, battling strange creatures, and discovering things she probably shouldn’t of course — but not all seems right in the Tomb Raider world.

The trailer starts to shed some light onto what we might expect from Underworld’s story and it looks as if there’s going to be some messing with minds going on. Zip and Lara are going at it, and Lara blowing up her own manor last month does make one question her state of mind. We’ll know what’s going on soon enough as the game hits shelves in November, but I’m guessing it all has something to do with that relic that should never be used which was found behind those doors in that tomb in one of those ruins that should never be discovered.

There’s a bunch of new screenshots in the gallery as well, should you want to have a more detailed look of the Thailand environments the trailer shows.