Faking the Band – Surfing the New Wave [August 19]


Faking the Band is a weekly feature detailing the latest in downloadable content for Rock Band.

Fire up the flux capacitors, ladies and gentlemen. We’re heading for the 1980s, a time of excess and eccentricity, not to mention exceptionally bizarre fashions. Yes, today’s tracks will inspire some New Wave nostalgia and give gamers an excuse to dust off their energy domes and pastel suits.

Devo work their witty and subversive magic this week with “Girl U Want” and “Through Being Cool.” At first, these songs might not seem like Rock Band material, what with the sheer amount of synthesizer going on, but not to worry! Just like Jimmy Buffett in June, the group gathered together in the studio and produced some special re-recordings, swapping out a few synth leads for guitar licks and generally streamlining the tunes for gaming consumption.

If devolution just seems too depressing, then relax and have a cocktail with the pretty boys of pop rock, Duran Duran. The catchy melodies and lively basslines of “Rio” and “Girls on Film” will transport players to an exotic, sundrenched and positively fun place.

As a value-priced bonus, today’s New Wave offerings are coupled with a preteen-targeted soundtrack selection: the Janitors’ “Get Your Rock On,” as heard in MTV’s musical romcom The American Mall.