Wii gets a little more hardKORE

From the world of To Be Announced (TBA) comes proof again that the Wii still has some love for hardcore gamers, wait make that hardKORE gamers. SnapDragon Games of Hamburg, Germany has released trailer and gameplay footage of their new original Wii platformer KORE.

KORE is the story of Pixie, Madboy and their dog Rex who are working to free the kooky inventor Dr. Samuelsen from the evil Krank Brothers. Oh, and they’ll be doing it from a super powered, cybernetic K.O.R.E. suit that amplifies the users abilities to the umptinth power. This will help with the climbing and exploring players will be doing as Pixie, the monster bashing from Madboy and the super scent tracking and hearing as Rex.

The world of KORE is highly animated and created in what looks like a mad cross between Oddworld and a Tim Burton film. From the trailer, gamers can expect a multitude of crazy characters and humorous situations. This game also promises innovated gameplay designed specifically for the Wii, six distinct worlds filled with dozens of different enemies and bosses, Hollywood quality in-game movies and voice work as well as unlockable mini-games.

KORE has not been given a release date or rating, but it looks to be an “E” for Everyone affair. If you’re into movies with this flair and are tired of cheap movie tie-in games, then KORE should be one to look forward to. Lets just hope we’re not left looking too long.