Will Afrika make you fall asleep?

Yes it will, according to the above trailer. The two fellows are watching hippos taking a bath in the forthcoming game Afrika on the PS3, and eventually fall asleep out of boredom. No doubt just a silly commercial, but it does raise one important question – can walking around on the African savanna taking pictures of animated, pre-programmed animals really be fun and entertaining?

Since I’m a guy who often finds myself stuck in front of Animal Planet when there’s plenty of cool action thrillers on other channels, I’m bound to answer yes on that question. Hell, I even enjoyed the Deer Hunter games (although that was about killing helpless animals) and those had kind of the same core concept. It was fun walking around with your rifle in beautiful forests, looking for sign of deer and then pop a cap in them while they were grazing in a secluded meadow.

The concept of Afrika won’t appeal to every gamer out there, but lots of people will probably love it. Not only will it be about exploring and getting better and better equipment (sound familiar?) but also about wide and beautiful environments, great music, a variety of dangerous animals and an interesting usage of the PS3 controller. And according to this trailer, it will be the real deal – just look at the humongous horde of gnus some two minutes in. It really seems like this game will be something spectacular.

Basically, Afrika can both make you fall asleep and get your heart pumping, and that seems to be the beauty of it. Just try to stay awake until the PS3 release on August 28.