Awesome new MadWorld trailer

Platinum games and SEGA have deemed it acceptable to show us a bit more of their upcoming game MadWorld in a new trailer they released at the Games Convention. I know the word awesome gets thrown around like the only rag doll in an orphanage, but I am going to have to use it here, especially after seeing Death Race last night. I’m so pumped over anything having to do with people killing people for other people’s viewing pleasure that I would apply the word awesome to this trailer even if it wasn’t an artistically striking adult oriented Wii game.

The trailer itself is as visually stunning as the game looks and it’s clear that Platinum wants this game to be chock full of everything that has ever been considered cool; there’s blood, motorcycles, hip hop and slow motion action scenes. No one has even played the game and it’s already one of the most exciting prospects on the Wii and this trailer does absolutely nothing to dampen that excitement. I believe it was Gears that taught us that chainsaws cutting enemies in half is never a bad thing, and if those bike levels are anything like Road Rash I will instantly dub MadWorld game of the year.