Bejeweled + 8 years = 25 million units

PopCap has become quite a juggernaut in the gaming world since its debut many years ago. They’ve made a huge name for themselves in the casual games space and it’s no secret that they’ve done very well for themselves, and will continue to do so.

Almost as if to remind everyone that they are still the king of casual titles, PopCap revealed that its Bejeweled franchise alone has sold over 25 million copies since its release in 2000. That boils down to a minimum of one copy of either Bejeweled or its sequel being purchased every 20 seconds…for the past 8 years. I, myself, am rather well versed on the addictive properties of PopCap’s titles, as my girlfriend’s constant Bejeweled 2 obsession reminds me. They have perfectly captured the style of game that just keeps people coming back for more, and I’d say that’s enough to cement PopCap’s place in gamers’ pocketbooks for many years to come.