First gameplay footage of Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain has been causing quite a stir with gamers ever since the first tech demos for the game appeared. The facial mannerisms alone make the game worth checking out, not to mention the fact that developer Quantic Dream delivered to us Indigo Prophecy, which is one of the best stories in gaming ever. Today at GC 2008 we got the first gameplay trailer for the truly gorgeous game.

While the video only shows one of the four main characters that the player gets to control (unless the man trying to kill her is one too) it’s an interesting peek into how the game is going to use atmosphere and whether or not it has actually crossed the uncanny valley as the developers claim it does. I say it’s using atmosphere really well as the house the video takes place in is one of the eeriest settings I’ve seen in gaming. Uncanny valley wise I have to say that it seems they tried to jump it with a motorcycle but sadly landed a few feet away from the other side. The characters are just a little too eerie.

Gameplay wise all we get to see is what look like quick time events, which would be a major disappointment for  gamers everywhere. However, we’re willing to give Quantic Dream the benefit of the doubt and assume that there is more to their so called “contextual battle system” than speedy reaction times. For a game that is supposed to be all about the players choices and perceptions there sure as hell better be.