Quantum of Solace talent is secured


We’re going from B grade to cream of the crop here. Activision has just announced that they have secured all of the major talent from Quantum of Solace to portray themselves in the game. Not only will Daniel Craig be taking up his character in the game but he will be joined by Judi Dench, as M, critically acclaimed French actor Mathieu Amalric as the sinister villain Dominic Greene and Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko as Camille, 007’s leading lady. This is good, if not highly predictable, news.

What isn’t so predictable is the return of Casino Royale‘s actors for their characters in the game. Since the game will be encompassing both films, all of Casino Royale‘s characters are appearing in the game as well. Activision has gotten both Mads Mikkelsen to return as Le Chiffre and even more exciting, since she is one of the greatest Bond women ever, Eva Green is back as Vesper Lynd. Ohter than these confirmations there isn’t much new to tell you about the game, but if you’re interested check out the new screens in the galleries for both the PC/console and DS versions.