Guerilla shows of the Killzone 2 multiplayer experience

While the storyline of some shooters is certainly nothing to shake a stick at, the real meat of the product lies in its replayability. This means one thing: great multiplayer. At the Leipzig Games Convention this week, Guerilla decided to show off a true-to-life Killzone 2 multiplayer experience – complete with annoying teammates.

As you can see from the video above, the game is looking better and better each time it rears its head. The visuals are looking more and more solid and the depth of the multiplayer experience is beginning to look like it might live up to the hype. The video itself shows a mix of hardcore gunfights and some tactical teamwork action. Let’s just hope that the majority of Killzone 2 online community is a bit more bearable than the “listen-to-me-now!” commander type they chose to represent your typical online warrior.