New Midnight Club: Los Angeles trailer gives me seizures

I was a film major in college so I know that quick cutting and fast camera work increase a sense of speed in a movie or trailer, but this trailer for Midnight Club: Los Angeles is just too much. While the game looks fast and furious, the amount of camera changes is ridiculous. I counted over sixty cuts in this minute long trailer. That’s more than a cut per second! Needless to say, I was almost on the floor convulsing by the time the trailer ended. See if you can make it through one sitting without at least getting a headache.

If the trailer hadn’t been jumping around like a child with ADD on a playground you would probably see that it’s showing off one of the pimpest cars in the game, which is about driving around LA and being cool or something like that. I think there’s a plot. Whatever. Fast cars are fast and hip hop music is cool so you know this game is both fast and cool.