Rock out with your Mii out


Have you ever pondered how hardcore your Mii would be with a guitar in hand while belting out some Weezer, or maybe slamming the drums to kingdom come during a kick ass drum solo? No? Me neither, but that doesn’t mean the good people at Activision haven’t and they think it’s a great idea. That’s right, in the upcoming Rock Band World Tour players will be able to rock and or roll with their Miis in the Wii exclusive (duh) Mii Freestyle Mode.

What will this mode include? Absolutely nothing! Well, kind of. Basically it’s a way for people who are too afraid of hitting notes properly to ease into the game. Players will be able to take their Miis and do whatever the hell they want with just a little bit of guidance. It’s somewhere between the regular game and the robust music creator feature and it’ll get your girlfriend playing in no time, or so RedOctane hopes. Freestyle mode will also allow players to air drum to their heart’s content, meaning the beat coming out of this mode will be completely nonexistent.

It basically sounds a whole lot like Wii Music but with actual rock instruments instead of, say, a dog suit. Could be fun, and while I love to make fun of the idea I’ve been at plenty of parties where people don’t want to play because they just can’t get a grasp on the timing…or because they’re really drunk. Freestyle mode solves both these problems in one fell swoop, but also removes any sense of accomplishment. Hooray! But don’t worry if you think this will ruin the game you’ll also be filling up your Wii’s storage space with downloadable songs, so you won’t have any room for those pesky Miis anyway.