Tiger Woods is just that good

I’m not a big golf guy, both in reality and in videogames. Neither version of the sport really appeals to me, though I won’t say no to a round of Tiger Woods with a few friends every now and then. I am however a fan of hilarious advertising. It’s what makes the Super Bowl even more awesome and every so often an ad turns out to be better than the show it’s interrupting. For instance, if the above commercial from EA’s YouTube Channel came on in the middle of an episode of Gossip Girl I’m pretty sure I would just rewind and watch the ad over and over again instead of returning to the show – at which point I would have to shoot myself in the head for watching Gossip Girl.

You see, EA has cleverly responded to a glitch video that Levinator 25 posted last year of Tiger Woods hitting a perfect shot while walking on water in the 07 version of the game, just like Jesus would have done because Jesus had mad golf skills. Instead of running away in embaressment and hiding from the facts EA has embraced their flaw in a bear hug of awesome while also advertising Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. The video shows… well, just watch it for yourself, I’d hate to spoil it. What’s really amazing is that there is a small part of me who wonders if Tiger could actually do that.