Go behind the scenes with Quantum of Solace

Activision has released three behind the scenes features for the upcoming Quantum of Solace that revolve around getting the feeling of the film right. This seems to be done in two ways. One, by scanning in the actors faces with almost double the amount of layers a normal game has, and two, by heading over to the set of both films to work with the film’s crew on what the game should be like. Very exciting stuff for Bond fans out there as it means the game will actually have some influences from the filmmakers themselves.

I’m not so sure why they chose to do an entire behind the scenes snippet on scanning Judy Dench’s face, but the more info the merrier, I guess. Aside from the three behind the scenes features that are below, the above video is some cam footage from GC 2008 that shows off a bit of the level. The FPS action looks as tight as it should since it’s based off of COD4 but the third person stuff isn’t blowing me away yet, despite Daniel Craig looking a lot like Daniel Craig. It’s just a small video so I doubt I should bring it up, but does the gameplay feel like Bond to you? I’m not so sure.