Lara Croft showing off her smooth new moves

Yep yep, Eidos has really started pushing Tomb Raider: Underworld recently. We’ve seen several batches of screenshots, not one but two trailers, not to mention the unveiling of Alison Carroll as the new face of Lara Croft. All in the last month.

And now we have yet another trailer, one that shows us more of the Thailand level. Besides the lush environments we all love seeing Lara in, what the trailer really focuses on is showing off the way she moves. For example, she’ll no longer have to worry about scratching that pretty face of hers as she will now raise her arms and protect herself when running through high vegetation. Beyond that, all the different animations we see her pulling off here blend together really (really) nicely, making Lara look the closest to real we’ve seen her yet.