Let us play the PSP comparing game


You know, since there aren’t many other games I want to play on it at the moment. Famitsu, which still insists on being written in Japanese, has got some images up of the new PSP 3000 in comparison to the PSP 2000. I wasn’t too excited about the news that the screens would have less glare until I saw the above picture and the overwhelming boost in quality that the new screen truly has. Makes me want to go back and play God of War again just to see the pretty pictures. Those strawberries just look good enough to eat, since that is what you do with strawberries.

Other changes/improvements shown off in the images are the chromier back plating that increases your PSP’s bling factor by ten and of course the redesigned triggers. Check them both out in the images below. These are all nice improvements but the steep price of the 3000 is still scaring me away. These changes just don’t warrant me purchasing another PSP, especially since it in no way makes the game library any greater.