Need for Speed Undercover kicks the tires and lights the fires this November

There are certain events in life that happen without uncertainty: changing seasons, night/day, Christmas decorations in September and EA sequels. Thankfully, the universe will remain in tact and in harmony when EA shuffles Need for Speed Undercover onto our mortal coil on November 18 for North America and November 21 for Europe. The game will be available for every flavor of the console rainbow: PS3, 360, Wii, PS2, DS, PSP, PC and even mobile devices — even if you try, you can’t hide.

Set in the open-world environment of the Tri-City Bay Area, the Black Box-developed game will feature the same great taste of the Need for Speed series you’ve come to love, wrapped up in a “big-budget Hollywood movie” shell. Promising over 80 miles of roads, police chases, highway battles, live-action movies, licensed cars, advanced A.I. and physics and the all-new “Heroic Driving Engine,” — allowing you to pull off big stunts and ridiculous crashes with unsavory criminals — there’s a lot on your plate as an undercover cop (nameless, of course, so we’ll call him ‘The Stig’) infiltrating the seedy world of an international crime syndicate. Looks like the holiday season will have its fair share of vroom vroom, ‘splosions and wanton destruction for you to blame that egg nog fueled hit-and-run on because you can’t always pin it on your grandmother.