No surprise, Resident Evil 5 continues to look awesome

Conference goers at GC 2008 were treated to a walkthrough of the first area of Resident Evil 5 straight from a developer. The video starts off with your protagonist, Chris Redfield, and his partner, Sheva Alamar, sneaking around in the familiar village from past RE5 sneak peeks.

As the video continues, Chris and Sheva blow many heads off and the entire scene really does feel a lot like a new-gen RE4 with an HD skin. I’m sold. RE4 was so close to perfect that not much really needed to be done, and it appears that the folks at Capcom felt the same way. The only new elements that rear their heads would be the ultra-creepy axe dude who is literally three times the size of the rest of the crazed villagers, and the option to let Sheva auto-heal you whenever you’re too busy to keep track of your own well-being. Part 1 of the walkthrough is above, part 2 is after the break.