Updated / Sadness displays the saddest leaked video ever


Straight from our piping hot Community Discussions section comes this bit of video that supposedly shows off the upcoming/vaporware game Sadness. It’s a pretty crappy video with next to no gameplay shown off, but if it is real it’s news enough because this game has been perpetually exciting people with its black and white loo… wait, it’s in color. What’s going on here? Wasn’t half the draw of the game its aesthetics? Has Nibris ditched them and instead included more guiding a child in caves gameplay?

I’d call shenanigans instantly if it wasn’t for the fact that GoNintendo, who originally received the video from a cryptic source, had been told to take it down immediately. We aren’t sure by who, but if it wasn’t gameplay footage then commanding it off the internet, where nothing ever truly gets taken down for good, is kind of a strange tactic. Do these 30 seconds of video excite you anymore for the game or are you like me and still think we won’t ever being seeing it? Maybe Nibris will actually have to comment on something else than just saying Sadness is real and is coming out.

Update: The video has now also been yanked off GameTrailers, so now all you get is a some concept art. Don’t blame us if you missed it, it’s not our fault you aren’t constantly refreshing the page every second.