Win Madden 09 Collector’s Edition and some Young Dre swag

Welcome back to another addition in Music in Games. This month we’re bringing you an artist from the latest Madden game, Young Dre The Truth. Madden is pretty much the only game outside of actual music games where the soundtrack itself is as widely popular (or at least advertised) as the game, even though the music really has nothing to do with the gameplay. Still, it is a major boon for an artist to appear on the Madden soundtrack and Young Dre gets to do it with his song Workin’ which features Madden alums Good Charlotte. He’s also featured in NFL Tour with his song “Get It” and NBA LIVE 09 with the song “Save The Music.” Needless to say, if you play sports games, you are going to be hearing a lot from this talented rapper, especially when his EP drops in September.

While that is all well and good, we know what you’re really salivating over. It’s that chance to win Madden 09 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition for the 360 (sorry PS3 lovers). The collector’s edition features not only Madden 09 but also the entire NFL Head Coach and bonus material that will keep any Madden fan happy for a long time to come. This includes retro Madden NFL Football player models, retro playbooks and even a fully playable version of the classic Madden NFL 93. Plus, it’s a collectible and usually costs $90. Now you can win it and pay nothing, which is especially great if you already bought the basic Madden 09. The final benefit of the collector’s edition? No confusing Brett Favre cover.

On to the nitty gritty. You want to win, but how? It couldn’t be simpler. Just come talk to us in the Community Discussions section. Every worthwhile post you make will enter you into a drawing for the game (and a Young Dre t-shirt). The more you talk, comment and discuss, the more times you enter. Those of you who start a discussion that gets more than ten responses will not only get credit for their original post, but also be entered in again. Basically, we want you to come on in and see what a great community we have here at TVGB and join in on it. Worthwhile is the key thing here. Don’t be a dick and randomly comment one word over and over again, you won’t get entered in the contest and you definitely won’t be around the site for very long. The contest ends when Young Dre’s interview goes up in a few weeks, so get talking. Oh, and make sure you introduce yourself.

If you want to know more about Young Dre The Truth you can check his music out here and here or head over to his blog where you can hear a few tracks. If you’re too lazy to click on things and like PR talk, you can read his bio below:

In an era where “keeping it real” has turned into an idealized concept of pop culture it has become extremely difficult to distinguish the real from the fake. However even the most skeptical critic can’t deny “THE TRUTH.” Young Dre, or Drizzle as he is referred to by those close to him, first began honing his prolific rhyme skills while still in grade school. After winning a poetry contest Young Dre began to develop an appreciation for the impact that the delivery of strategically placed words could have on people. This experience served as the catalyst for the Seattle-born, South-Central raised rapper’s motivation to begin penning rhymes that would be an accurate reflection of his real life experience as opposed to commercial propaganda. He speaks what he lives. As each lyric is laid, even the most casual ear will be drawn to the uniquely skillful flow that Young Dre delivers. Whether the tempo is fast, slow, grimy or non-existent his unparalleled talent allows him the versatility to manipulate the track to create true music that invokes thought and conversation. His uncensored biographical commentaries are arguably his greatest assets. A careful listen to his lyrics reveal installments into a life of evolving turmoil, triumph and determination. Violence is not glorified as sport; rather the narratives reflect the reality of the means necessary for his survival. His honesty is painfully refreshing.