Joker’s MK vs. DCU fatality is creepy

You might have thought that Joker’s fatality move in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe would be the electric hand buzzer, but the real deal is funnier, more brutal and actually kind of creepy.

We know that the Joker has some special moves up his sleeve, such as a spring loaded boxing glove, deadly playing cards, smiley faced bombs and a camouflaging puff of green smoke, but his fatality move outshines them completely. While demonstrating the game and its gameplay elements at Leipzig, Midway’s Hector Sanchez wraps things up by having Joker perform a fatality on Kitana — Joker first brings out a “gag gun” to taunt his opponent and then goes to execute her with the real deal. Sarcastic, brutal and entertaining is just the way we want it!