College degrees are more than useless, they’re harmful


Are you reading this while taking a break from packing up to head off to college where you hope to study and learn how to become a game designer? Stop – now. Don’t waste your money because you’re just going to end up woefully unprepared. So says the DailyMail in a recent article where they revealed that college grads were coming out of college seriously unprepared to work in the gaming industry. Despite the number of courses for game design degrees doubling in the UK, only four of these courses have been approved to actually fulfill the needs of someone going into that field.

In fact it’s so bad that Jamie MacDonald, the vice-president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe can’t remember the last time he employed someone from them. Yea, not a good sign if you’ve already dropped a boat load of money on a fancy degree, especially when the story follows up with David Braben of Frontier Developments studio saying he was “shocked and surprised” at how little some graduates knew. Looks like there is an even more useless major than English in town.