Home will be out this year, Sony promises


I think everyone was a bit surprised when Sony’s press conference at the Games Convention in Leipzig had absolutely no mention of Home. As one of the few massively important selling points the PS3 has on the horizon, we all thought that Sony would most likely be shoving it down our throats. Was the lack of any news a sign that Home‘s beta was to be delayed beyond this year? Absolutely, positiviely not, says SCEE president David Reeves.

“The reason is that [there] was nothing new to say,” Reeves said when asked why Home had made no appearance in the conference. “Everything is absolutely on track. I can look you in the eyes and tell you everything is on track. The closed beta has been expanding, the open beta will come in autumn. It will be announced by the Home Group, either in London or Tokyo. I don’t know when exactly, but they are in control of it. We’ve got more third parties on board, and as far as I know it’s all on track.” Now if only he could look me in the eyes and make me interested in Home in general, then we would be talking.