Linger in Shadows hitting PSN this week

It looks like PlayStation 3 owners are in for a treat this week. The official UK PlayStation site is advertising August 28th (that’s this Thursday, calender fans) as the release date for the intriguing, mysterious and not to mention beautiful demo Linger in Shadows.

From Polish studio Plastic, Linger in Shadows has been turning heads and raising curious eyebrows since the name was trademarked by Sony in late 2007. However, it wasn’t until we were well into 2008 that we got our first real glimpse into the title with an extended trailer. Though this raised far many more questions than it answered.

Whatever Linger in Shadows actually is, what it marks is the doors being blown open on the PlayStation 3 demoscene. Sony is claiming that Linger in Shadows will be at least in-part interactive, something not particularly typical of the demoscene. If Linger in Shadows turns out to be a success then hopefully we’ll be able to look forward to more of the same from Sony, which will be nothing short of a triumph for gamers and the PSN.