Oh noes, the “console Crysis” rumor is back!

Ah yes, it’s time for that good ol’ “Stop this nonsense, Crysis can’t possibly be making its way to the consoles!” rumor again. We’ve heard this several times in the past — Crysis coming to consoles, then just the PS3 because the 360 is not manly enough, then for both again, and then Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli gave official hope to console devotees by saying that it’s basically up to the reviewers. It was around that point that we stopped caring and decided not to jump every time someone whispered the words “Crysis” and “console” in the same sentence.

But, since it’s been a few months since the last time we heard anything about this particular rumor, and since it’s an exceptionally slow post-Leipzig news day, let’s make an exception and see what this is all about.

This time, the fuse is lit by a source who says that Crysis is indeed jumping to both the Xbox 360 and PS3, and that it would see a release on those systems sooner than we might think — Q4 ’08 – Q1 ’09 and Q1 – Q2 ’09, respectively. The source says that “Crytek is focusing on each system’s threading core, and that the team is taking their time with the PS3 version, learning to utilize the Cell processor as effectively as possible in order to push higher quality textures, improved A.I., and more.” According to the source, the console versions of the prettiest game on the PC will include the contents of the original game as well those of its upcoming expansion, Warhead.

If this is indeed true, it will be most interesting to see how much (if at all? haha, yeah right) the visuals and/or level design has been downgraded/changed in order to run smoothly on these non-upgradeable boxes we have sitting under our television sets.