Democracy Now: you get to pick the Resistance 2: Collector’s Edition artwork

Let’s say you’re a game developer about to release a game that some might say is kind of a big deal. You’ve spent years developing the story, characters, environments and making sure you have a compelling single-player and multiplayer experience to bestow upon the gaming masses, and you’re about ready to call it a day. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. You still have to decide on the artwork for your goodie filled collector’s edition. Insomniac Games is currently facing this dilemma and with “eeny, meeny, miney, moe” seeming to be unhelpful, they’re making like any good resistance (see what I did there?) and bringing it to the people.

If you point your magical browser window over to IGN, you can get your peepers on the 3 candidates in all their super-sized prettiness and vote on which you like the best. The only questions are: which one do you pick and how do you pick it? You can always turn to the Magic 8-ball, a coin flip or the microwave for help, but whaever you do, don’t let Insomniac down. This is a very cool practice for developers to involve their fans in the game creation process. Even if it’s something as little as choosing artwork, it’s a pretty nice touch. However, if you run into Ted price, CEO of Insomniac Games, don’t say, “I helped pick your artwork…” while looking longingly at him and milling about awkwardly because, well, that’s just creepy. I give good advice; what can I say?