Jagged Alliance coming to the DS


There are a lot of classic games out there that get overlooked. Jagged Alliance and most of its sequels is one of them. The turn-based squad action RPG combination is executed incredibly well in the small team-based games and the mercenaries’ hilarious banter always made the games stand out to me. Basically it’s a fun, creative game that never got the recognition it deserved sales wise. So it’s nice to hear that Empire Interactive will be bringing a Cypron Studios’ port of the original Jagged Alliance to the Nintendo DS.

With a number of other RTS games making the jump to the DS relatively well I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with this. One of the great things about the original game was being able to format your own team of quirky mercenaries all of whom had great diolouge throughout, but you have to wonder if that feature is going to take a hit when the game gets crammed into a DS cartridge. Of course the original was released in 1994 so it probably takes up about as much space as Rhode Island (See, in this metaphor the DS is the US and Rhode Island is…ahhh, you get it). No word if new content will be added to the game or when we can expect it, but hopefully sooner than perpetually delayed legal debacle that is Jagged Alliance 3.