No Known Survivors is up and killing


Dead Space might be the first game to have more storyline before the game’s release than is actually in the game. Not only are there comic books and a an animated movie, but now the guys behind the game are presenting us with No Known Survivors, a web-based interactive story that fleshes out even more of the background of the USG Ishimura, the planet cracking mission it was on and the religious cult Unitology. Every Monday a new interactive chapter, which take place in first-person point of views, will be uploaded and users can access it through the nifty decomposing/mutating body part menu. Yea, dismemberment abounds still.

The site is going to present “two equally tragic” four part stories, and available right now is the first part of the first chapter, Misplaced Affection, which is the story of an organ replacement technician who falls hard for a capable female security officer. The second story, 13, tells of a sleeper agent who makes the wrong decisions for the right reasons. This is just a guess on my part but they probably both end in or heavily involve bodily dismemberment. Those who head over to the site and experience the first chapter of Misplaced Affection will get a healthy dose of creepy and a few story puzzles to figure out. If anyone can fill me in on everything that we learn in this part that would be great because I was starting to get too creeped out by the woman’s voice whispering “Help me” to really continue.