Savage Moon coming to PSN this Fall


Ladies and gentleman I give you Starship Troopers Savage Moon, coming exclusively to the PSN and being heralded as one of the larger (in both importance and size) downloadable releases for it. What is it about this game that instantly reminds you of the scene in Starship Troopers where they have to defend the base from all the bugs and I think a guy’s brain gets sucked out, or maybe that happened before that scene. Oh! Remember when the dude gets impaled by the bugs claw and just thrown around. Really, the movie is one big blur of awesome. Did anyone see the third? I’ve gotten off point here. To the game.

Savage Moon is a science fiction tower defense game in which you must defend mining colonies from the alien hordes swarming them. From the screens, it looks like it will be a bit more graphically impressive than the Wii’s downloadable tower defense game, Defend Your Castle, which is mainly comprised of stick figures and cardboard cutouts. Under that flashy skin, the games seem to work the same though; players build up their towers with a variety of weapons in order to defeat the massive amounts of aliens — called Insectocytes — swarming the screen in all kinds of varieties. It isn’t all shooting and bug guts though, as players will have to use strategary (strategarie?) to decide when to upgrade which weapons and how to spend their limited resources.

No firm release date is given, nor a price. Sony does promise more information in the future though, which is probably what most of us expected anyway.