Sierra Online bringing Red Baron Arcade to the US PSN skies

Remember when you used to run around the yard making airplane and gunfire noises with your mouth? I do, but that’s because it was last week. What? It was hot outside and I was delirious with Snoopy flashbacks. Well, delusions of grandeur will plague myself and those like me no more as Sierra Online has announced Red Baron Arcade for release on the US PSN come September 18.

The downloadable title will send you into the unfriendly skies of WWI in both a single player campaign and various familiar multiplayer modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch ¬†and Capture the Flag against 7 other “Aces,” aka people that will insult your everything when you kill them in the face. There will also be a multiplayer demo released alongside the full game for any hesitant pilots that want to take a ride into the danger zone before buying. No price has been announced nor has there been mention of Sixaxis control which, if implemented, will likely give you the idea of what it’s like to control via boomerang. If you’ll excuse me, I have to brush up on my machine gun noises.