Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star dated and priced

The highly-anticipated new booster pack for the popular Warhawk PS3 frag-fest will land on the PSN August 28th. The expansion will cost $7.99 and will feature, among other things, the ability to use jet packs to zip your character around the battlefield and even take on the warhawks in their own airspace.

From the video above, it looks like if one thing is for sure it’s that this expansion will cause the already-chaotic Warhawk throwdowns to become even more confusing. Anyone who has ever played the game knows it can sometimes be hard to differentiate enemies from friendlies, and now you get to make that snap judgement while the player in question is flying by you at mach 1. Regardless of that, it’s hard to argue with adding jet packs to any game, much less one that seems to have captured the “endlessly replayable” label as well as Warhawk has.