Asheron’s Call makes milestone 100th update


Turbine has officially launched the 100th update for their beloved Asheron’s Call MMO, “as a small token of our appreciation for everyone who has heard the call over the years.” When we asked Community Manager for Asheron’s Call, Andy Cataldo, about the update he said, “Really, it’s all about the players.” Mr. Cataldo has been playing Asheron’s Call since 1 1/2 months after it came out 9 years ago and still plays incognito, as most of the staff does, in order to not only enjoy the game but also get a feel for what players want. This time what players wanted was more of an an Elder Game system.

To give players what they want, this update is introducing a new faction system currently sporting three new Societies – the Celetial Hand, EldrytchWeb and Radiant Blood. Players can choose which society they like and take on the initiation quests to gain acceptance and sweet rewards. With great societies come great hazards, and now rival faction NPCs will attack you. Rival NPCs will even fight each other if they cross paths.

August’s update introduces two new PK towns, which will start out being controlled by a rouge faction of Moarsmen. Any player can help fight but only player killers will be able to take control of the towns. Once one of the new societies has gained control of a town they can have access to the Black Market for unique items and only their members will be able to use the town portal. Players can also look forward to new a new loot tier, several new quests and new locations like an as of yet undiscovered Moarsman city, the new Freebooter Isle and an expanded Graveyard. Remember players, as you explore the new areas and enjoy the new content, the staff players are out there somewhere (no we won’t give you their names) playing, owning and actually listening to your every request.