Don’t forget to get Castle Crashers today

Chances are we won’t be seeing much of our Mr. Mike around these parts today, and I blame that damned Dan Paladin fellow from developer The Behemoth. You see, Mike has been a fan of The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers since the beginning of time, mostly because of Paladin’s sweet illustration abilities, and has been waiting for its release like a wide eyed child waiting for his next bedtime story for quite a while now. And today is the day that story is told.

If you haven’t kept an eye on Castle Crashers yourself and are in need of some convincing then the trial version should be enough to convince pretty much anyone. It offers a pretty good amount of gameplay and one of the coolest endings to a demo I’ve ever seen, plus few of those 40+ weapons the full game has on offer.

This is the type of game we definitely want to see more of on Xbox LIVE Arcade, or PlayStation Network for that matter. Solid content, unique looks, a questionable 1200 Microsoft Points price point that we can bitch about, and just the appropriate amount of crazy — just the way we like it here at TVGB.