Curator defends 9/11 exhibit


It was one of the biggest controversies of Games Convention — a giant interactive display depicting the destruction of the World Trade Center ala Space Invaders. While some snubbed the exhibit as cras and insensitive, not to mention gratuitous; and everyone left death threats in the inbox of its creator, the American born Douglas Edric Stanley, the curator of the exhibit has actually come out in defense of the work. Andreas Lange of The Computerspiele Museum in Berlin, Germany has publicly declared his support of the exhibit, which was ultimately shut off mid-way through Games Convention by request of the artist.

Speaking to Edge-Online, Lange said, “We were conscious that, with the attack on the World Trade Center, Invaders! was revisiting an event that had occurred not too distantly in the past and that therefore represented a controversial subject.” He added, “The work was not an attempt to provoke controversy for controversy’s sake, but an invitation to reflect, made in a distinctive manner.”

Creators of the original Space Invaders, Taito, have also shown an interest in the exhibit – obviously not wanting their legendary and much loved title associated with the controversy. There is also speculation that the shutting down of the exhibit was less to do with the furor surrounding it and more to do with pending legal action from Taito.

Lange continued, “For Stanley, Invaders! is ultimately about an appeal for peaceful coexistence, which extends beyond the subject of 9/11, we saw no reason not to show his work, especially as it has repeatedly been exhibited in a number of different versions since 2001.”